Friends in Presence (ADL Chapel 1113) is a movement upholding the inherent sanity of psyche and spirit as vital expressions of nature. This 501c(3) nonprofit organization operates under the umbrella of the Alliance of Divine Love, an international interfaith ministry.

Friends in Presence is a resource to connect, inform,investigate and integrate conscious living through autognosis and direct experience. It is based on the idea that restoration of natural intelligence is not only possible, it is our human birthright. We don't have to be caged by confusion. We do have to be brave- we must go deeper

and begin an inner investigation. 

About Friends in Presence 

All over the world, Friends in Presence are actively engaged within ourselves, in our relationships, in our bioregions, our communities and within our sphere of influence. We use spiritual technologies, including those outlined on this site, which are Guerrilla Inquiry, Radical Self-Acceptance, Quantum Seeing & Autognosis By engaging inwardly, we are in service to ourselves and, therefore, we are in service to the restoration of planetary wellness. We are being the change.  

This is an online experience dedicated to investigating beliefs, patterns, conditioning and fear. Here, you will find information about spiritual technologies of the psyche to dismantle the matrix of inner suffering.

To heal as a species, we need many people to take an interest in restoring themselves back to psychological wholeness. The intention of this organization is to support that unfolding. 

Within every psyche is a connection to the natural world, and in this connection, there is the potential for psychological freedom that extends to mind, body and spirit. 

Friends in Presence