Friends in Presence

 Reliance on capitalism dislocates the psyche from nature; it requires we oppress animals, nature and one another. The Industrial Growth Society expects us to proceed unconsciously down the path of dangerous and unsustainable economic arrangements. We say no thanks.

Capitalism is a system that degrades life under the guise of making lives better. It works against fundamental goodness, equality, interconnectedness and

our shared interests for global healing.  

​The gift of wholeness is not for sale. Friends in Presence is inspired by and in service to the web of life, not capital. All resources and supports are offered for free. Ecological awakening and awareness of the psyche as sane, whole and connected to nature are not perspectives of a distorted capitalist system.

Capitalism shapes the mind, influences information, colors our relationships, and demands a certain hierarchy of consciousness in direct contrast to the vision of equality that forms the foundation of Friends in Presence. 

Why is this resource free?

Radical transformation of the psyche is not just possible, it is desperately needed in this time of turbulence for the planet. Our earth home and endless other species of animals are suffering in the cage of capitalism and unsustainable growth. The web of life is devastated by our insatiable need to dominate. Healing the psyche and returning to ecological sanity cannot happen until we meet ourselves, each other, animals and the planet

in a strict vision of equality with free access to information and friendship.